Perfect V Lifting - Premium Plus Mask - Chin

Brand : avajar

Category : Mask


Perfect V Lifting Premium  Mask




 Product description

Redefine your jaw line with customized therapy for 20 minutes a day. - Used special fabric, exclusive for skin-lifting properties - Excluded stimulating adhesion ingredients - Containing an entire bottle of high concentrations of essence - Through low temperature ripening process, fabric and liquid cannot be separated Avajar perfect V lifting premium mask has dynamic stability and never rips * HOW TO USE 1. Open pouch and remove the film 2. Pull both sides of the mask, and then set your jaw to the center. 3. Hang the mask on your ears. 4. 10~20 min. Later, take the skin-lifting mask off and massage your cheek.  

قناع بيرفيكت في لرفع البشرة ممتاز مضاد للسيلوليت من افاجار، علاج لشد البشرة، لشد خط الرقبة والوجه



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